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The complete Ranking of the Main Race finale, 12 Women, 63 Men: Download PDF

It was just awesome! The biggest thank goes to our 160 volunteers. You did a really great job. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now we lay back a little bit and come back to you after a while with photos and other stuff …


Collected shots from …

And the ones from Torsten Maas’
mobile studio – awesome!

Sneak a Peak

Snow remains on the Main-Race court merely serve intimidating purposes.


Friday, 4. Sept. – Welcome


Registration ❦ 17:00–23:00

Number, Shirt, Cap, Race map, Housing, Wrist band, Qualification heat …

Party ❦ 18:00–whenever

for the group-ride of the pre-event in Freiburg i.B. to St.Gallen – Bratwurst included.

Alley Cat ❦ 19:30

Saturday, 5. Sept. – Side Events

Projektwerkstatt at the fright yard › Map

Registration ❦ 9:00–13:30

Number, Goodiebag, Housing, Wrist band …

Registration ❦ 16:00–20:00


Tour d’Appenzell ❦ 10:00–13:00

Once all across the hills, where the cheese comes from.

Hill Sprint ❦ 13:45–16:00

Sprint & Skid ❦ 17:00–19:30

Party ❦ 20:00–1:00

Trackstand ❦ 20:00

Goldsprint ❦ 21:00

Breakfast ❦ 8:30–10:30

for volunteers and riders

Dinner ❦ 18:00–21:00

for volunteers and riders

Be dead on time or cry!

Sunday, 6. Sept. – Main Race

Pic-o-Pello-Platz › Map

Registration ❦ 8:00–10:00


Be dead on time or cry!


Qualification ❦ 9:15–12:00

Check your heat!

Final ❦ 14:00–17:30

Open Forum ❦ 18:00

Ceremony ❦ 18:30–20:00


Open Brunch ❦ 8:00–11:00

Open Lunch ❦ 11:30–14:00

dernier IC à Genève ❦ 19:11

dernier ICN à Genève ❦ 20:48

Race Map

We ride within and around our nice, southern historic city centre, including the Stiftsbezirk. Not that it is warmer there, but steeper, bumpier and farther. Also, there are wider stairways and two quite fast sections – watch out for pedestrians, churchgoers, culturally interested tourists, children, dogs, high-wheel bicycles, the audience and bratwurst-connoisseurs.

We will economise our usage of barriers – for you are professionals.

SGCMC15 – Race Map



  • The regular price …
    until 31 August 2015: CHF 40.–
  • Cash-in-Hand
    on site payment during event: CHF 50.–
  • The online-registration will be closed in September. You still have the possibility to registrate on site at St.Gallen.


After your successful registration you receive a confirmation by e-mail, including a link directing you to the page with the payment details for PayPal or E-Banking.

Your racing-number and your name are needed for proper identification of your payment. Therefore, please insert these two descriptions into the field «Mitteilungen» in the E-Banking or PayPal payment. This saves us much e-mail-traffic.


Still in progress. But for only CHF 5.– payed on-site you get access to a luxury-free accommodation somewhere on the floor, but with moderate heating and a solid roof overhead. Do not forget to tick the box next to “Housing” in the registration-form so that we can prepare accordingly.

Riders …

The starting list is being manually updated.

Therefore, it may take up to two days until your name appears in it.

Sorry. The riders table is to large for your small display.

Nr. name surname aka rides for city  
962 Maywald Knut Maywalder Kurierzentrale Basel
789 Delayre Margaux Margaux   Paris
926 van den Berg Cedric Vonse Velogourmet Basel
199 Wetchy Tina   Velopostale Geneve
146 Vuille Jonas Jonas Vélocité Yverdon
322 Lardera Luca   BICI Couriers Milano
92 Fallet Mathieu     Vollèges
537 Arnold Luna   Radkurier Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
417 MC Benni da Gmiatliche Fahrrad Express / Transpedal Münschen
15 Kupferschmied Lukas   Velokurier Bern Bern
62 Mettler Cyril Lafleche Velokurier Biel Bienne
91 Trachsler Flavia     Zürich
531 Schröter Daniel   Radkurier Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
346 Yang Nik nik Velokurier Bern Bern
882 Bischoff Xavier     Frauenfeld
160 Good Simon Silver bullet velociterainbow Lausanne
16 Bloch Cécile graou somewhere over the rainbow Paris
141 Schönhofer André andre3000 Expressenger Mainz
669 Dogic Versa     Bolzano
550 Schmid Bidu Bidu Flash Zürich
81 Balatti Francesco Benza (I need job!) Leipzig
220 Bleichenbacher Gian     St.Gallen
73 Wachhaus Gabi Supergabi   Hannover
30 Juckoff Eik FuckOff Kassel Köln Hannover Hannover
709 Hauenstein Nico   Flash Zürich
527 Kromm Lisa   Radkurier Karlsruhe
55 Rau Franziskus     Berlin
18 Maillefer Joséphine     Renens
17 Maillefer Zéphir     «bidonville»
45 Beytrison Alexandre Alex La Vélopostale Genève
534 Sebastiany Julian 2moro Radkurier Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
716 Demuth Domi Demo Flash Zürich
405 Haftstein Marcel Hafty   Leipzig
314 Gadient Samuel St.Gallen
888 Dinort David rainman Basel
679 Schnetzer Rafael Rafa St.Gallen
31 Ferdinand Paul Chisto Paul Team Picon Geneva
313 Kempen Aiko Otto Velocity Leipzig
999 Riedel Nicolé Keksmonster   Leipzig
210 Wipfli Daniel Dani Velokurier Luzern Luzern
230 Grizevicius Jordanas Ear jordan Control courier collective London
49 Bruppacher Carla Katze Ex Grrrr Zürich
542 Illner Sebastian   ImNu Fahrradkurier Dresden
94 Payot Raoul Rayoul YV-LS-NE Yverdon-les-Bains
707 Stöcklin Florian   Velogourmet Basel
47 ali ali aligator velosophe gva
197 Kelemen Yves Yvô La Vélopostale Genève
11 Roedel Anna 111   Leipzig
140 Eckerstorfer Simon GTsimon St.Gallen
205 Priel Mobiel   selfemployed Bruchsal
975 Bieri Regula gixle Velokurier Luzern Luzern
33 Schönenberger Carmen St.Gallen
71 Aebi Pascal päscu Velokurier Biel Biel
28 Benedix Anton Plankton InNu Fahrradkurier Dresden
148 Signer Zita   Öpfelchasper Zürich
947 Vuillemin Remy   VB Zürich
117 Längle Joe   Velokurier Freiburg Freiburg i.B.
273 Bucheli Renate renirennrad Luzern Luzern
296 Klattenhoff Emil Michel Die Kuriere Essen
440 Brunner Martin   Flash Zürich
311 Gschwend Yvonne St.Gallen
138 Aebi Mathias Mate Vélocité Lausanne
143 Ochsenfarth Robert robse   Basel
357 Kempka Nick   Stadtbote Leipzig
168 Guibert Dorian   Vélocité Lausanne
53 Rosie Rosie   KurierZentrale Basel
104 Knoll Zora edu Velokurier Biel Biel
112 Beck Benj BenJ (out of messaging) Freiburg i.B.
191 Nennemann Moritz   Radsfatz Freiburg i.B.
389 Bütler Eri(ka) Eri Velokurier Luzern-Zug Zug
20 Daumin Nicolas Excel Courses Paris
99 Castronuovo Matteo   UBM Milano
113 Unternährer Lukas Luc veteran (veloblitz) Glarus
223 de Lapoyade Jeanne Jajeanne Top Chistole Chrono Paris
421 Braile Enzo Vince Saetta Verde Lugano
221 Rachoutis Nikolaos Nirax Saetta Verde Lugano
21 Robertson Murray   Saetta Verde Lugano
121 Kaufmann Lukas   Saetta Verde Lugano
321 Bomio Christian bömi Saetta Verde Lugano
777 Moor Luki revoluki Ex-Bioanal Luzern
2 Hayakawa Yuri   Velokurier Bern Bern
849 Spörri Alice Schmätzgi Kurierzentrale Basel
520 Schlenkrich Burkhard   Radkurier Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
858 Barczay Michael Beege Velogourmet Basel
97 Thiriet Casper   Velogourmet Basel
937 Mahmoud Ismail Mammut Velogourmet Basel
510 Löffler Aljoscha Ali Radkurier Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
345 Luisier Bastien Bast la Casse Team Picon Genève
991 Szabo Till   Velogourmet Basel
913 Thommen Yannick Radio913 Velogourmet Basel
791 Schwarz Laurin LauRider   Freiburg i.B.
108 Hübner Astried Piksi Kurierzentrale Basel Basel
180 Bauer Mathis Schnatterich VeloKurier Freiburg Freiburg i.B.
752 Putschli Marcellus   Bike Syndikat Köln
397 Kratzert Johannes Gianni VeloKurier Freiburg Freiburg i.B.
43 Schmid Johannes Hannes VeloKurier Freiburg Freiburg i.B.
42 Gourdon Frédéric   Team Picon / N°3 Geneva
9 O Driscoll John overdrive Mango Couriers London
303 Watts Robin superkid hallo London
48 Herbold Fabian Lutscher Kurierkollektiv Ingolstadt
27 Rombach Christoph Rombo Velokurier Freiburg Freiburg i.B.
222 Hashimoto Valérie Japanese Psycho Velokurier Biel Biel
731 Estez Tom S.Tez Veloteam Steelcity
142 Lightrock Martin El Torro Frankfurts Finest Messengers Frankfurt
990 Hübner Hagen   KurierZentrale Basel
382 Wille Lukas Prot! Team Braulio Salouf
69 Schneider Bernat Berny Velokurier Kassel Kassel
79 Krizenger Kriz   VeloKurier Freiburg Freiburg i.B.
535 Schreer Felix Felix Radkurier Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
130 Probst Thomas     Luzern
111 Johannsmeier Jan   Speed Courier Frankfurt
123 Narud Astrid   hallo Berlin
509 Medicke Konrad Konny Radkurier Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
5 Grünz Miriam Miri   Leipzig
208 Schwarz Yannick   Velokurier Bern Bern
525 Niedecken Timon   Radkurier Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
536 Welschof Gereon   Radkurier Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
149 Hazi Nicolas LaBoss Vélocité Lausanne
560 Strahlhofer Dominik strahli! Veloblitz Zürich
132 Widén Malin Velomumin Bioanalytica Luzern
131 Matter Mik Das Messer Bioanalytica Luzern
3 Bambu Katherine kat Moskitos Berlin
89 Aepli Manuel mänu Velokurier Bern Bern
102 Danilo Mathez Mollo Vélocité Neuchâtel-Lausanne
413 Munz Roli   Veloblitz Zürich
77 Poncet Verena   Velokurier Bern Bern
23 Schwab Alain Schwabalain KurierZentrale Basel
83 Buchli Sam Sam Velokurier Bern Bern
219 Maia Joao DonJuan Velomobil Frankfurt am Main
416 Schmid Pije   Velokurier Biel Bienne
257 Brandstetter Tom     Augsburg
22 Samir Malek-Madani 4277 Velokurier Bern Bern
124 Blatter Rafael el rafa Team Picon Genève
88 Böhm Thomas   Veloblitz Zürich
650 Stumm Adrian   Flash Zürich
13 Gyger Kaspar   Velokurier Bern Bern
8 Ly Nguyen   Velokurier Bern Bern
32 Mangold Tyler   Velokurier Bern Bern
344 Weibel Tim     St.Gallen
865 Dobmeier Florian Dlorian KurierZentrale Basel
206 Affolter Raini wolfcastle Velokurier Luzern Luzern
57 Mesgarzadeh Giv   vélocité Sàrl Lausanne
343 Rüdiger Leo     St.Gallen
333 Isler Nicola   Velokurier Frauenfeld Frauenfeld
66 Kormann Paul   vélocité L’sanne/N’châtel/Y’don
7 Kappeler Cristina   Veloblitz Zürich
404 Blaser Enzo Pate Velokurier Frauenfeld Frauenfeld
850 Herren Yannik Pate Velokurier Frauenfeld Frauenfeld
14 Artelt Jens Streuner KurierZentrale Basel
137 Burri Anyna anny penny St.Gallen
995 Wilson Richard Coach Veloblitz/Kurierzentrale Zürich/Basel
128 Roth Joschka Seehas Josh St.Gallen
710 Scarabello Vasco   Velokurier Frauenfeld Frauenfeld
59 Herzog Benedikt Beno59 Metro Basel
699 Hostettler Anna   Flash Zürich
753 Guggisberg Domnk ChabisChopf Velokurier Bern Bern
798 Kienle Mirko   KurierZentrale Basel
998 Mana Mana MaNa KurierZentrale Basel
814 Reichart Merlin   City Express Hamburg
133 Benz Jakob St.Gallen
848 Baumann Fabian   Veloblitz Zürich
1 Scandella Mario Velo-mech Velokurier Bern Bern
0 Pfeiffer Raphaël doble Velokurier Bern Bern
903 Fiechter Luca Mr.longfinger KurierZentrale Basel
101 Thiriet Jérôme Strom KurierZentrale Basel



While steadily working on this quite big and complex project for us, we keep meeting people to discuss certain aspects, to organise, to apply for various permits and to ask for advice. It is great to see how open and willing to cooperate everyone is.

Thank you very much, it is much appreciated.


We are interiorly dancing of joy when local, national and international corporations decided to support our event, because we indeed need some money to organise it. Our fondly composed sponsoring-dossier shows our offer of advertising spaces on page 8. Please pass this information on.


We perform especially high leaps for joy for every Swiss Franc that we simply receive out of pure selflessness and we love to mention you in black and white, or white in black respectively, on our webpage.

Schweizerische Post/Postfinance
Account-Nr. 61-975323-6
IBAN: CH91 0900 0000 6197 5323 6

Last but not least …


Christian Hadorn, 079 755 65 80

Jürgen Wössner, 079 821 12 10


Thus it was written (in German):